La Guadalupana - Mariachi version

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La Guadalupana - Mariachi transcription by Guido Menestrina
Trascrizione in stile mariachi della celebre cancion mexicana in onore alla Virgen de Guadalupe, che si festeggia un po' in tutti i Paesi latinoamericani il 9 di dicembre. Qui se ne propongono musicalmente le prime 6 strofe. Ne esisterebbero poi altre ancora, oltre alle strofe 7 e 8 che comunque sono in trascrizione.
Ecco il testo:
suplicante juntaba sus manos
y eran mexicanos y era mexicanos
y era mexicanos su porte y su faz.
su llegada lleno de alegría
de luz y armonía de luz y armonia
de luz y armonia todo el Anahuac.
junto al monte pasaba san juan diego
y acercose luego y acercose luego
y acercose luego al oír cantar.
a juan Dieguito la virgen le dijo:
este cerro elijO este cerro elijo
este cerro elijo para hacer mi altar.
y en la tilma, entre rosas pintadas
su imagen amaba su imagen amaba
su imagen amaba se digno dejar.
desde entonces para el mexicano
ser guadalupano ser guadalupano
ser guadalupano es algo esencial.
en sus penas se postraba de hinojos
y eleva sus ojos y eleva sus ojos
y eleva sus ojos hacia el tepeyac.
A Mariachi rendition of the famous Mexican hymn to the Virgin of Guadalupe, an important Christian symbol for all Latinos in the world.
Here's an English translation of the song:
From heaven, one beautiful morning
the Virgin of Guadalupe
descended to Tepeyac.
Her arrival brought happiness,
light and harmony (and freedom)
to all of Anáhuac.
When Juan Diego passed through the mountain
and drew closer he heard this song:
"Juan Diego" the Virgin said:
"This is the hill I've chosen
for my altar to be built
With her hands clasped together,
she was of Mexican descent
in both her visage and demeanor
Among the painted roses of the tilma
she deemed to leave behind
her beloved image
As of then, to be a Guadalupan
was something essential
for the Mexican people
For their sorrows she kneels
and elevates her gaze towards Tepeyac.
The purchase includes:
- full score
- voice part
- trumpets (and voice) part
- violins (and voice) part
- guitarron (and voice)

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