Freddie Aguilar - Anak SATB arrangement by Robert Delgado

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​Freddie Aguilar (b. 1953) left home at the age of 18 without graduating from school. His father, who had wanted him to be a lawyer, was disappointed. Freddie traveled to faraway places carrying with him only his guitar. With no one to guide and discipline him, he got into gambling. Realizing and regretting his mistakes five years later, Freddie composed "Anak", a song of remorse and apology to his parents. He went back home and asked for forgiveness from his parents, who welcomed him with open arms. After his father read the lyrics of "Anak", the two became closer. The homecoming proved timely as his father died not long after. According to Felipe de Leon, Jr., an authority on Philippine music, the song was composed in a Western style but has aspects of "pasyon", a form that many Filipinos can identify with.
This is the SATB arrangement by Robert Delgado.
Transcription by Guido Menestrina

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