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Paolo Benedetto Bellinzani (1682 – February 26, 1757) was an Italian composer of first half of the eighteenth century. Among his works are holy masses, offertories, duets, madrigals, litanies, motets and magnificat. His first known composition is a Requiem aeternam written in 1700 for two violins, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Organ. He was active in the Italian regions of Friuli, Veneto, Emilia, Marche and Umbria.
In this case he shows the same groups of instruments (V1-V2-SATB-Org), you can listen to a version of it on youtube, where I preferred to render the transcription experimentally substituting organ with harpsicord and the two violins with the slowak fujara and the turkish duduk; notably, the latter one, although a wind instrument, has in long notes a sound very similar to the one of the violin.


The score includes full score (9 pages), parts for instruments only (5 pages), parts for choir only (5 pages)

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